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Guidelines for Mass of Christian Burial from the Archdiocese of New York

A member of the family or a fiiend may speak in remembrance of the deceased The approved Archdiocesan Guidelines are as follows;
A Eulogy is a reflection on the life of the deceased in the context of his/her FAITH - not on their life in general.
The Wake, the farewell at the cemetery and the meal of consolation are all appropriate places for tributes and anecdotes about the deceased.

A tribute to the deceased could be printed and distributed to friends in lieu of a Eulogy.

If a Eulogy is to be given, then in accord with the Order of Christian Funerals, only one person should speak, not a series of people.

Considering the time balance of the Mass, the Eulogy should be only three minutes long (one typewritten page).

Whoever is chosen to speak should be someone who can maintain self-control.

The Eulogy will be given immediately following the Opening Song, not at the end of the Mass. The Priest will invite the person to come forward.

It is advised that the speaker write out his/her remarks beforehand.
Within or in place of the Eulogy, someone might want to simply thank all who have come.

We suggest that you have the eulogy at the Wake, Cemetery or luncheon in place of during the Mass; the remarks can be more informal and with no time constraints if the Eulogy is delivered in Church;

- off color language or slang is inappropriate in a sacred place;
- the voicing of unchristian statements about life or non-Cathoiic beliefs about death are to be avoided;
- please respect the other Funerals that may be scheduled for that day by not prolonging the time-frame for your Mass;