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Prayer of the Faithful

(Read by Priest Celebrant)
God, the almighty Father, raised Christ his Son from the dead; with confidence we ask him to save his people, living and dead, as we pray.. .’’Lord, hear our prayer.”

(The following read by the Lay person)

  1. 1) Our brother (sister),(name), was given the promise of eternal life in Baptism; Lord, give him (her) communion with your saints for ever, we pray...
  2. 2) For our brothers and sisters, our relatives, for all who were close to us and good to us in this life and have gone before us in  death; Lord, give them the reward of their goodness, we pray..
  3. 3) For all who have died in the hope of rising again; welcome them. Lord, into the light of your presence, we pray...
  4. 4) For all who have gathered here to worship in faith; Lord, make us one in your kingdom, we pray...
  5. 5) We pause in silence to add our personal intentions...

(Closing prayer read by Priest)
Lord, hear our prayers for (name) and for all our dead brothers and sisters; forgive them their sins, and bring them to the fullness of your salvation. We ask this through Christ our Lord.